MiA MiN – the Story

Looking forward to Milan Fashion Week, Min climbed into a taxi. When the driver asked for the address of her hotel, she realised that she had lost her phone.


She checked all her bags, her suitcase, the seat of the taxi and even searched on the floor, but could not find it. Then she had a light bulb moment. She remembered leaving the phone in the departure hall at the airport in Munich. She felt very stressed. The next few hours were chaotic, as she had to manage with a borrowed phone.


By the time she arrived at her hotel, Min had come to a decision: She would design a smart, loss-proof and decorative phone bag for herself and others that would always be easy to find.


Min had been affectionately called MiA MiN by her husband. This was the origin of the name of her label: MiA MiN.

Min – the Designer and Artist

At the age of 12, the artist gave herself the name Min. The name stands for mind and intellect, but at the same time sensitive and empathetic. During the years that followed, it emerged that this intuitive choice of name was the perfect match for Min’s personality.


Initially, Min studied IT and later worked as a lecturer. She took up a second degree in art and spent ten years at BMW as a graphic and web designer. With the founding of the fashion label MiA MiN, the designer Min Erdl-Zhang is fulfilling a lifelong dream.


The unique nature of the MiA MiN collection is a subtle reflection of Min’s understanding of logic and solutions as well as of sensitivity and aesthetics. The MiA MiN Smart Phone Bag is the perfect combination of smart and emotions.

MiA MiN – the Spirit

Min and her fashion label MiA MiN both embody the spirit of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. Bastet is a majestic figure who radiates strength and independence and takes the form of a cat.


But the goddess can also reveal herself to be soft and affectionate. Many women identify with the cat goddess and have these two sides to their personality. This is why Min’s top priority was for her label to embody the spirit of Bastet. You will see and feel Bastet in every detail: The function, design, intellect and feeling of the bag all show smart emotions.


The creative spirit of MiA MiN was inspired by the city of Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. The city has a Mediterranean flair, glowing lights and brightly coloured streets.