MiA MiN's vision was to create a stylish luxury smartphone bag that is hard to lose and combines fashion, character, exclusivity and expressive creativity with perfection and functionality in today's fast-paced world where our smartphones are never far away. An innovative luxury label for smartphone bags and cases that make everyday life easier by offering a solution. MiA MiN Milano stylishly integrates the desire for an on-trend smartphone case that meets practical needs while expressing a love of beautiful, luxurious things into this personalised lifestyle. MiA MiN designs feature intelligent, playful wearing options perfectly combined with MiA MiN accessories such as the AirPods Mini Bag or Lipstick Dolce Bag.


Excited for Fashion Week, Min hopped into a taxi at Milan airport. When the driver asked her for the hotel address, she rummaged around for her smartphone where it was stored. Suddenly, she noticed that her smartphone was missing and a disaster unfolded. She realised that she had probably left it at the gate back in Munich. At the hotel reception, Min was also told that her room was already occupied due to a booking error. Lost in a strange city without her smartphone during the most turbulent week of the year, Min now had to look for another hotel. Exhausted from a chaotic day in a state of flurry, Min came up with an ingenious idea during the taxi ride to her new hotel: a functional yet luxurious bag to stop her smartphone from getting lost, which she would love to carry around herself and lovingly incorporate into her bag collection. Min frantically scribbled on her notepad during the taxi ride and came up with the first drafts. She was determined to get the ball rolling on this project as soon as possible. Weeks later at Lake Maggiore, Min's third home and a place where she draws creativity, the name of the label MiA MiN Milano was born, given to Min by her loving husband. Joie de vivre, passion for colours and patterns and the combination of avant-garde and classic style elements are what make MiA MiN Milano so elegant and exclusive.


Craftsmanship is blended with the finest quality leather made from calfskin, lambskin and goatskin. Handmade items with a unique feel are created in specialised factories. Smartphone specialists meticulously refine the production processes for the MiA MiN Milano Collection. Uniquely elegant and extravagant designs inspired by the Italian dolce vita, Lake Maggiore, colourful flower gardens as well as daydreams and art create the expressive avant-garde style of MiA MiN Milano. The values of the MiA MiN brand include good manufacturing practice, quality assurance with REACH testing, social competence and the preservation and creation of new jobs.


For Min, designer and founder of MiA MiN Milano, taking social responsibility is an integral part of the company's philosophy. Min has made it her mission to continuously work on making the packaging materials of the collections more sustainable and suitable for everyday use with a second function as a storage accessory. The designer also supports an orphanage in China. It is a project close to her heart that she has been involved with for decades and to which she will be even more committed in the future in order to maintain the wonderful close relationship she has with the children.