Interview with Influencer Gitta Banko

How would you, in general, describe your personal style?

My style is a combination of sophisticated, eccentric, and creative elements – streetstyle meets elegance with high quality, only! For me, fashion is a statement. I use it to express my personality and – just like in real life as a mom, business woman and fashionista – to visually embody different characters. That’s why I like my style to be versatile!

„Form follows function“ – do you agree with this basic design principle? Or do design and function have the same importance to you, e.g. when it comes to accessories?

 The fantastic part about fashion is that one can – both, design and function related – play with it. For sure there are accessories which need to serve a certain purpose, because they would be pointless otherwise, but: why shouldn’t they look stylish while being useful? That’s exactly why I like the MiA MiN bags and accessories so much. They are super handy, and at the same time, work as an independent statement piece!

Do you have a favorite combination when it comes to your outfit and a MiA MiN smartphone bag?

I love to wear the smartphone bags in combination with dresses since they don’t always have pockets. Thus, my hands are free and I still have everything with me which is important. I also enjoy experimenting with colors. The models of the different collections can complement uni colors or color blocking looks perfectly, be subtle, or take over the leading role.

You are invited to an event and are not allowed to bring a purse – which 5 objects would you still take with you?

By the way, I wouldn’t mind not bringing a purse that much…I love bags, but I like to go without one every now and then. However, I will always have my cellphone, key, cash, banking card and a lipstick, which I can also use as rouge, with me.

You’ve been owning a MiA MiN bag for quite a while now. Which personal relation do you have to your bag, or rather, how did it develop over time?

At first, the bag was an accessory for me, but it did turn into an integral part of my outfits. It is, in fact, a loyal companion regardless of the time – and, please don’t laugh – for me, it has its own character. Well, of course, it is my own personality that I transfer to the bag, but it (or rather she!) is always close and that makes us a good couple.

Do you enjoy playing with accessories, meaning redefining their traditional functions? For example, transforming cross body chains to belts etc.? 

That’s exactly what fashion means to me! Fashion is supposed to be fun, should be agile, and changeable, and should reinvent itself regularly. Also, don’t we all like to vary an outfit just by changing one piece multiple ways? Chains are a perfect example: they can be so much, from necklaces and cross body chains to belts. Different lengths top the look!

You are a strong woman. Which three values/characteristics helped you become successful? 

Hard work. Creativity. Authenticity.

In all honesty: if you didn’t have your cell phone close at hand in your MiA MiN Milano smartphone bag, would you misplace it every now and then or search for it in your purse?

In general, I am very well organized. However, sometimes the chaos of everyday life (or a huge bag) happens and one puts down the cell phone thoughtlessly…somewhere. The bag seems to be made for me, especially, because I am traveling a lot. Particularly with air travel, one is busy with so many things at the same time, that the smartphone bag really saved me from many search operations … thank you Min!